Skip New Years Resolutions and Flourish!

Every January people all over the world vow to make changes so that this year will be better than the last one. They resolve to break bad habits, lose weight, get in shape, manage stress, save money, etc. That's the good news. Unfortunately, by the time February rolls around, most of that resolve has evaporated and all efforts are abandoned. This year, instead of focusing on a number on the scale, minutes on the treadmill or depriving yourself of things you enjoy, take action and start out 2011 differently. Choose to flourish instead!

Flourish, by definition, is to grow well, to be strong and healthy, and to be in one's prime. This year, take stock of what is going well with your health and well being at this moment. Ask yourself "What is right about me and my life?" Your answers may surprise you! Resist the urge to dismiss or overlook these things. We have a natural tendency to take for granted the things that are going well and tend to focus on the things that aren't going as well as we would like. By bringing your awareness back to what is "right" in your life, you'll feel better about yourself, your life and be more energized to take steps to flourish.

Next, take some time and reflect on what you really enjoy in life. Write down a list of 5 - 10 things that make you light up with excitement. You'll know you are on the right track if you catch yourself smiling as you think about these things.

Now, make a commitment to do these regularly. Work to incorporate more of them into your life every day. This is a gift that only you can give yourself. The result: you'll feel more energetic, healthy and enjoy every day more.

When you are flourishing, adopting healthy lifestyle habits is easier because you feel good about yourself, are happier and more fulfilled. By figuring out what makes you flourish and taking action to do those things regularly, you take control of your well being and increase your health in a way that is as unique as you are!